Registration in the bands 60 GHz, 5,8 and 5,2 GHz


On this Portal, users of frequencies in the bands 57-66 GHz band, 5,8 GHz and 5,2 GHz register fixed outdoor radio Stations (MGWS point-to-point, MGWS point-to-multipoint, and Fixed Service links), and RLANs in the 5,2 and 5,8 GHz band. The terms of use of frequencies are laid down by the General Authorisation VO-R/12 English version is under preparation. The registration is free of charge.

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New entries are valid for 18 months from the Station registration date, or, from the last update or modification of the entry. Station operators are automatically notified of the need to update the entries in advance by e-mail.


Notifications are sent via this e-mail: 


In connection with the processing of personal data on this Portal, the Office worked out for the 60 GHz band The evaluation of Personal Data Processing for the 60 GHz Registration Portal.


The User Guide summarises the technical description of the Portal and the algorithms used. Short instruction YouTube video presents a quick introduction to the basic steps in registering stations. (Note: The video is based on the previous design version.)


The number of Stations waiting for coordination or publication (status marked Pending) is currently limited to 110 Stations (per user).